All JingleBANK Jingles are customizable — Meaning we will take our pre-produced music and adapt your custom lyrics into the song.  We can also customize vocal presentation – if our demo features a female singer, we can make it a male. Demo has a group – we can make it a solo female, or duet or different kind of group. Demo has an aggressive older female we can make it a brighter, younger female. There are no limits with lyrics and vocals AND if you really want to get creative in many cases we can change the music tracks to fit your needs too.


If you REALLY want to go next level with your brand-building music – make it FULLY CUSTOMIZED. This is a “From-Scratch” job in which we write, compose, produce, track, mix, master and deliver a never-before heard package of music that is custom built to your exact specs.  Music style, vocal style, lyrics, variations, alternate mixes, holiday versions etc etc. You gain total control of every possible element of a custom Music Branding Campaign.  Plus, since this is what we do, we complete the job within reasonable budgets and time-lines.


All JingleBANK Jingle Themes are available “Off-the-shelf” ready to deliver right now. They are provided with Generic Lyrics that work well for many types of campaigns and companies.  Save some $$ and get on the air ASAP!

Contact us for more info on any kind of Commercial Jingle —  Fully Custom to Generic or ANYTHING in between.