A major misconception about custom commercial jingles is they either have to be GOOD and EXPENSIVE or CHEAP and BAD. JingleBANK is the (not so) secret weapon of market-leading, local sales teams across the country. We build EFFECTIVE Commercial Jingles at reasonable rates. TM Studios and JingleBANK provide customized versions of pre-built jingles for any business, any category, any market — with custom lyrics, any vocal style and in any music format you desire. There are simply No Limits.

After Decades of producing market leading music for Branding we have mastered the art of balancing QUALITY and EFFICIENCY – CREATIVE and COMMERCE. We can also provide generic, ultra-effective category targeted jingles instantly. Choose from scores of pre-built campaign ideas, make your order and (within business hours) have your creative in minutes. These are market exclusive, high-quality masters, ready to hit the air in an unimaginable time-frame!

Jingle Package Info
Your new Musical Branding campaign will consist of a full package of :30 and :60 second mix-outs. We automatically provide you with a minimum of approximately 8-10 cuts, but we’ll also pull as many versions as lyrically possible… giving you more options for copy insertion at the station level. If you need :10’s, :15’s, or acapellas, just let us know and, if lyrically possible, you got it!

No Renewals… No Extra Costs!


If you are new to TM Studios you may not know we are the world-leader in custom music branding products — JINGLES. This simply means when it comes to writing, composing, producing, mixing and delivering Custom Commercial Music for Branding – NO ONE does it better. Ask us about creating a completely custom, exclusive, “From-Scratch” campaign for your company or client. This is the next-level…

Other services available:

  • Additional/Alternative Vocal Lines
  • Spanish Versions (Other languages available)
  • Substantial changes to existing track
  • Holiday Versions
  • Creative Concierge

Email/Call your JingleBANK rep for details and rates. Info@JingleBANK.com or 972.406.6800.

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